Translations & Localization

Translation by industry specialists.

No matter what industry you work in, whether it’s medicine, aerospace, finance or engineering, our linguists can help you communicate in any language. We provide industry-leading translations, fast turnaround times and outstanding customer service. Our translation services are agile and highly capable of meeting the demands of our customers while maintaining our high-quality standards.

We ensure that you receive the specific language services that you require. These include the localization of software, websites and apps, marketing and business translations, financial translations, audio and video transcription and translations, including subtitling and closed captioning. Whatever your needs and industry, we have the linguistic expertise for your project.

Optimize your content​

Linguity offers proofreading, review and revision by local language professionals who specialize in your industry.


Linguistic proofreading is used to keep minor defects and errors in a translated text to a minimum. This type of proofreading is necessary where the text is intended for publication or public presentation. Our linguistic proofreading service checks the grammar, spelling, typography, style, comprehensibility and completeness of the text, its conformity to requirements for graphic design and its overall quality.


A review looks at the content of the text to ensure that it’s correct and appropriate for the agreed purpose. The reviewer is always a specialist in the field and a native speaker of the target language.


The reviser examines a translation and if it is suitable for its purpose, making corrections where necessary. Depending on the requirements of the project, the work includes comparing the source and target text, checking the uniformity of terminology and the appropriateness of the linguistic register and style.

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