Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace industry is international by its very nature, and the need to communicate in different languages is fundamental. Whether you require translations of technical manuals for a global workforce, website translations and localizations for an overseas audience, or technical specifications for an international order, you can be sure that LINGUITY can meet your translation requirements. By guaranteeing your content is understandable to all, you can ensure your success on an international scale.

Whether you’re a public or private firm that produces commercial aircraft, military aircraft, aircraft engines or helicopters, LINGUITY has the expertise and experience to take care of your translation and localization needs. We have translators who are specialists in the aerospace sector. This ensures that they are experienced and knowledgeable about translating for aerospace companies. We can translate a wide range of file types, including ATA 2100, ATA 100 and AvP 70 documents.


MIL Specs

ATA 2100

CAD Files Translations


ATA 100

AvP 70


Def. Stan 00-60

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