Technical Translations

Because quality is always our highest priority, we choose experts who combine strong language skills with specific area expertise.

Our technical translators are qualified in a wide range of disciplines including engineering, mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, aerospace, pharmacy and many more. The quality of our translations is ensured by selecting translators on the basis of their qualifications and professional experience. Our linguists always work in their native language.

Main types of technical translations:

Translation of technical documentation

The peculiarity of this type of translation lies not only in translating individual words, phrases, and sentences. The translator must take the specific topics of the particular translation into account, for this is what determines the qualifications of a technical translator in a particular field.

Translation of technical texts

This requires the precise use of terms without losing the general meaning. These include translations of texts related to automobiles, construction and many other highly technical subjects. This type of translation has a very important feature - the translator should have a good comprehension of the topic being translated, as some technical terms do not always have direct translations in the target language.

Localization of software and translation of interfaces

This includes a full range of services for adapting the elements of the interface as well as auxiliary files and documentation. It is performed by specialists with excellent scientific and technical backgrounds.

Translation of passports for equipment

Due to the importance of the information specified in passport documentation, this is a challenging translation that can be performed only by a translator who is perfectly fluent in technical terms and who can convey the information in a language used by corresponding professionals. This type of translation also requires compliance with all regulations and standards applicable in the particular industry.

Translation of scientific and technical literature

This serious work requires considerable knowledge and experience, as the translator has to convey not only the precise meaning of the text, but also reflect the individual style used by the authors.

Translation of equipment catalogues

This is usually performed in close collaboration with the client, as in most cases the translator must strictly follow internal glossaries and standards for translation and the formatting of documentation developed by the client.

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