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Boring was yesterday!

Revolutionize the learning experience of your pupils and students.

Simple. Mobile. Playful.

Arouse the enthusiasm of your pupils and students!

Ready to take your learning to the next level? Our e-learning solutions are designed to be fun, interactive, and focused on the skills you’ll need for the future.

Interactive learning platforms

Innovative learning experience instead of dry learning by heart

Playful testing

Through the playful transfer of knowledge, content is better remembered

21st Century Learning Labs

Communicate future skills in a playful way today

Discovering stories instead of looking at facts

Knowledge in the context of stories is better anchored in the memory. In addition, it creates a high level of motivation to learn through varied and interactive content and playful competition (quiz duel).

Knowledge transfer beyond grades

The age of factual knowledge and error punishment is drawing to a close. The future belongs to imparting skills, experiencing self-efficacy and creative problem-solving.

The innovative learning tool for your flipped classroom

Our learning tool is your instrument for teaching the skills of the 21st century: Problem solving, digital skills and cognitive flexibility are key terms that will move you and your learners forward.

Available anytime, anywhere - in the classroom or at home

Our e-learning solution is built both for a mobile learning experience and optimized for easy use in the desktop browser.


Your data is in good hands.

We meet all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.


Professional and high-performance hosting with data centers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


As a data processor, we are ISO 27001 certified.


From single sign-on (SSO) to full integration via API into your learning environment.

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