The future of learning is here. Join the e-learning revolution with our innovative solutions that cater to learners of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels.


who onboard, train and educate their employees and keep them up to date with the latest knowledge


that offer their pupils and students innovative and individual learning experiences in the classroom

Lifelong learning for economic success

The digital learning coach reliably ensures that what has been learned is permanently anchored in the memory. Smart algorithms deliver the right practice questions at the right time.

Interactive learning is more effective than passive consumption

Increase the motivation to learn through quiz duels against your colleagues or friends. Push notifications ensure increased activity.

What makes our e-learning tool unique?


Varied and easy-to-use micro-trainings and interactive storytelling make you want to learn. The social and playful assessment motivates in the long term.


Behind the continuous micro-assessment there is a smart learning algorithm that asks individual users the right questions at the right time.


Learning content is created quickly and easily based on a variety of interactive templates and distributed live to the users. The mobile first design of the learning application offers a modern and easily understandable user interface on all platforms.


Numerous customization options and optional additional modules allow a tailor-made configuration. Connections to existing systems are possible. The learning experience individualized by the learning algorithm guarantees sustainably consolidated knowledge.

Opportunity creates knowledge - learn anytime and anywhere

The future of learning is flexible and mobile. Our e-learning solution is optimized for mobile devices as well as desktop devices.

We have the solution for your training

Want to know how customers benefit from our e-learning solution? 

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