E-Learning localization

Translate, localize, educate

With the exponential rise in the number of companies and educational institutes making the shift from classroom learning to e-learning, the ability to create interactive, effective learning material that simulates real-life interactions has become essential. This results in the need to create e-learning materials for employees from different parts of the world. Technical progress, in turn, has led to a situation where educational content must meet much higher standards – it should be engaging, highly substantive and of interest to the recipient.

At LINGUITY, we do more than just translate or localize. We’re dedicated to ensuring that your learning material fulfils its intended purpose. By understanding the content of your course, your preferred medium and target audience, we ensure the translations retain their learning potential.

Localization of E-Learning content

Localization of E-Learning content consists not only of translating it into a new language, but adapting it to a recipient from a different culture. It should therefore include such basic elements as the conversion of measurement units, currencies and date formats.

• XML formats
• Audio Transcripts
• Video Texts
• Website translation
• Voiceovers

Whether you need training modules in German, Spanish and Chinese or audio and video scripts in Japanese and Russian, our team can help. Professionally localized content that is consistent and culturally correct enhances the impact of training courses and ensures that all learning audiences learn collectively.

Pre-recording localization

Localize content slides & course texts and send them for review and approval before recording.


Review pronunciation guidelines and professionally record course narratives.


Synchronize all onscreen interactions with the target language voiceover


Publish course for validation


Validate the localized course, including knowledge checks, assessments and quizzes.

Final Publication

Publish final course according to client’s specific publication settings

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